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What is Biogas?

Biogas refers to gas produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of indigenous organic matter under anaerobic conditions. Biogas can be produced from agriculture waste such as those from palm oil mills, municipal waste, sewage, manure or food waste. Biogas generally consists of methane (“CH4”), carbon dioxide (“CO2”) and other gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen.

What is a Biogas Plant?

At the palm oil mills, Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of POME in a Biogas plant using covered lagoon or digester tanks system. The Biogas produced is trapped in the Biogas plant and often piped to a flaring unit to be burnt off.


Guideline on POME Treatment and Methane Emission Avoidance

In 2015, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (“MPOB”) acting in collaboration with the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (“MIDA”) issued a new guideline which require all palm oil mills to build methane trapping facility (.a.k.a. biogas plant) for their POME treatment to avoid methane emission into the atmosphere. The deadline set for compliance is by year 2020.

The Dilemma Palm Oil Mill Owners Facing

More than 200 palm oil mills out of the 451 in operation in Malaysia have yet constructed Biogas plant for their POME treatment. High investment cost of setting-up a Biogas plant and little or no commercial return on the investment are the main reasons many palm oil owners are delaying or in some cases reluctant to set up the facility.

Win-Win Business Collaboration and Income Opportunity for Palm Oil Mill Owners

If you are one of those palm oil mill owners facing above-mentioned dilemma, worry no more!

  • Biotek Dinamik is keen to explore working with you to set up a Biogas plant for your mill at its own investment cost based on a unique win-win commercial arrangement.
  • On top of that, Biotek Dinamik can provide you a recurring revenue model under the commercial arrangement.
  • Not only you don’t need to put up any investment to have a Biogas plant set-up to serve your mill, but you will also receive recurring income from the commercial arrangement.
  • Our end-to-end waste-to-energy solution allows us to have a sustainable waste-to-wealth business model which upgrade Biogas to Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (“Bio-CNG”).
  • Not only we are able to help you solve your waste problem, to be environmental-friendlier, meet regulatory compliance, reduce carbon footprint, but we also provide you a steady stream of recurring income over the commercial arrangement period!

If you believe we can work together towards a win-win solution that helps address environmental sustainability and energy security via our waste-to-wealth business approach, then, wait no more! Contact us here to learn more about our business proposition.