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What is Bio-CNG?

Bio-CNG (Bio-Compressed Natural Gas) is purified and upgraded Biogas that is made up of not less than 94% CH4 with the remaining being CO2 and trace gases. Bio-CNG is similar to fossil based CNG (compressed natural gas) in terms of composition and properties. Like regular CNG, Bio-CNG has a high-octane number which results in the high thermal efficiency. CNG is produced by compressing natural gas under high pressure. Bio-CNG is a carbon-neutral and Sulphur-free renewable energy product. It is classified as a green renewable fuel.

Utilization of Bio-CNG

Bio-CNG is used as a cleaner and more economical alternative fuel for the transportation and industrial sector. In the transportation sector, Bio-CNG is consumed by natural gas vehicles (NGV). Whereas, in the industrial sector, factories consume Bio-CNG as a cleaner and more economical alternative fuel to fossil fuel sources such as diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for industrial heating.

The use of Bio-CNG as a vehicle fuel is becoming more popular as it is eco-friendlier compared to petrol or diesel. Bio-CNG emits significantly less carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which are primary components of smog and particulates.


Comparisons Between Biogas, Bio-CNG and CNG


What is a Bio-CNG plant?

A Bio-CNG plant is a biogas upgrading system which consist several process equipment such as H2S scrubber, dryer, filtration system, gas compressor, storage, metering, dispenser, and etc.

Raw Biogas generated from the Biogas plant is piped into the Bio-CNG plant to be processed and upgraded into commercial grade Bio-CNG.


Biotek Dinamik’s Bio-CNG Supply Chain and Value Creation

Win-Win Business Collaboration and Income Opportunity for Palm Oil Mill and/or Biogas Plant Owners

If you are one of those palm oil mill owners who has already built a Biogas plant at your mill but currently flaring the Biogas, you ought to think twice before you burnt off the next batch of Biogas.

  • You are not doing much good to the environment when you burnt off the Biogas.
  • And you are certainly wasting valuable energy resources which can be put into good use.
  • Worst of all, you are indirectly burning your money when you burnt off the Biogas, which otherwise, could be monetize and the proceeds go towards reimbursing your investment on the Biogas plant!
  • Take immediate action to stop that unhealthy practice now and please give us a call! We want to help you monetize your waste, hassle free via our win-win waste-to-wealth business collaboration model!
  • We are keen to explore setting up a Bio-CNG plant at your mill at our own investment cost and thereafter, we will purchase from you all Biogas produced from your Biogas plant which you are currently flaring.
  • You don’t need to put up any investment for the Bio-CNG plant; we will bear the entire investment cost and you will receive recurring income from this unique win-win commercial arrangement.
  • Our end-to-end waste-to-energy solution allows us to have a sustainable waste-to-wealth business model which upgrade Biogas to Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (“Bio-CNG”).
  • Not only we are able to help you to be environmental-friendlier and reduce your mill’s carbon footprint, but we also provide you a steady stream of recurring income over the commercial arrangement period!

If you believe we can work together towards a win-win solution that helps address environmental sustainability and energy security via our waste-to-wealth business approach, then, wait no more! Contact us here to learn more about our business proposition.