Sustainable and Responsible Investment

is our core Business Values

Sustainable Development

The Challenge

CLIMATE CHANGE has disruptive implications on the social well-being, economic development and financial stability of current and future generations. At the turn of the 21st century, extreme environment degradation caused by unprecedented rise in greenhouse gases emission from industrial activities is escalating global warming at an alarming rate. The adverse effect of global warming is altering the global climate pattern causing climate change and making it more unpredictable, and in recent years has brought about more catastrophes across the globe.


Industrialization continues to grow at the expense of our environment. Left unchecked, the meteoric rise in greenhouse gases emission from industrialization will damage the environment at a rate much faster than mother nature can rejuvenate herself. Hence, business-as-usual approach no longer works under the current climate change phenomenon.

Although it has been a while since the world recognizes the importance of addressing climate change, recent climate-related events have underscored the need for urgent action. To mitigate climate change, the world needs to quickly shift towards a low-carbon economy. The global community needs to ensure sustainable development becomes the standard practice.

Renewable Energy Plant: Integrated biogas-BioCNG
Renewable Energy Plant: Integrated biogas-Bio-CNG

One key initiative that should be taken more seriously is the utilization of renewable energy sources to gradually replace non-renewable energy sources in order to lead the world towards a sustainable energy path.


Our Commitment

Malaysia being a nation which has always been committed to sustainable development is a signatory to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate change. As part of its effort towards combating global warming and climate change, the Malaysia Climate Change Act, aimed at institutionalizing climate change action is already on the drawing board. Once approved and implemented, the said act shall govern sustainable and responsible investment to prevent or mitigate climate change by putting in place measures and policies that will ensure environmental sustainability, and food and energy security for the future generations.

The Paris Climate Agreement: Key Points

In line with the global call for sustainable development and to mitigate climate change, Biotek Dinamik is fully committed towards achieving those goals by cultivating sustainable and responsible investment principles in its business operations.

Business Values

Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Harnessing renewable energy in a sustainable manner is our core business. Our principal business activities focus on sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) that can help create sustainable renewable energy businesses which are not merely financially motivated but those that aims to strike a balance between the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, and help address climate change issues.

Our strong beliefs in sustainable and responsible investment principles helps ensure sustainable development principles are applied in all areas of our business while making sure we leave as little carbon footprint in the process. Our business values is upheld by these 4 core criteria:-

Waste-to-Wealth: Harnessing Sustainable Renewable Energy for Commercial Utilization

Malaysia being a top palm oil producing nation boast an abundance of agriculture biomass generated from the oil palm industry. Our goal is to manage this agriculture biomass in a sustainable and responsible manner by adopting a "waste-to-wealth" business approach to harness sustainable renewable energy for commercial application.

Biotek Dinamik intends to collaborate with palm oil mill owners and other waste producers across the globe by using a "waste-to-wealth" business approach to help them monetize their wastes, meet regulatory compliance, reduce carbon footprint and simultaneously, promote awareness on sustainable waste management practice and environmental sustainability.